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Lunar New Year Message to Relevant Consular Communities in Chongqing and Southwest China from Vice Mayor Li Bo


As the Spring Festival for the Year of the Ox is approaching, vice mayor Li Bo, on behalf of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, sent a lunar new year message to relevant consular communities in Chongqing and Southwest China. The full text is as follows:



Consuls-General and friends of the consular community,

As the Chinese Spring Festival is just around the corner, let me begin by extending, on behalf of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, new year greetings to all Consuls-General and friends of the consular community. Happy Chinese New Year!


In the past 2020, Chongqing has accomplished in full the 13th Five-Year Plan heedless of the sudden onslaught of COVID-19, severe floods rarely seen in history and intricate external environment. Facing the unprecedented challenges, we resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements made by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and went all out to combat the pandemic, resume work, fight against extreme poverty and floods, thus maintaining the right balance between proper virus containment and sound socio-economic development, and bringing production and life back to the right track.


Significant results of defeating the novel coronavirus have manifested themselves in the following set of statistics: as of yesterday (8 February 2021), Chongqing has reported zero locally transmitted cases for 350 days in a row. Local economy has been trending in a sound and steady growth: GDP aggregate in 2020 totaled RMB2.5 trillion yuan, up by 3.9%; imports and exports stood at RMB651.3 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5%; fixed asset investment and consumer goods retail grew by 3.9% and 1.3% respectively; and the added value of above-designated-scale industries was up 5.8%, while quality and efficiency of economic development has been improving.


What is worth mentioning is that the above-mentioned outcomes could not been possible without your support and help. We can still recall that when COVID-19 first hit us, you have understood, supported and collaborated with our response measures, and vigorously coordinated Chongqing’s sister cities to provide assistance by standing together with us in such trying moments.   When disease prevention and control measures became the norm, you have been responsive to coordinate the resumption of work and production of businesses concerned; you have worked in new ways to further expand engagements between Chongqing and its sister cities; and you have actively partaken in major international events organized by Chongqing with an open mind, constantly deepening friendship and cementing cooperation between us. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment are and will always be highly appreciated by the Chongqing Municipal Government! For your enormous efforts, we are tremendously grateful!


Ladies and gentlemen, friends, Chongqing’s “Two Sessions” concluded last month approved its 14th Five-Year Plan, which envisages Chongqing to speed up exploring new horizons of opening-up in inland China, enhance unimpeded opening-up corridors to the rest of the world, elevate the capacity and level of opening-up platforms, improve development quality of open economy to expand and deepen opening-up in a wider scope, and endeavor to be a leader of  opening-up in the western region. It has thus opened broad prospects for the consular community to continue to join hands and deepen cooperation with Chongqing for common prosperity. The Chongqing Municipal Government will, as always, support all of you in your work and look forward to further strengthening ties and cooperation with you. Let us work together to take our friendly interactions and cooperation across sectors to greater heights.


We wish you all an auspicious year of the ox! Happy new year!

To conclude, I wish you all health, success and happiness in the Year of the Ox! 


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